12 Great New Products For Turkey Hunting Season

When winter ends and the first spindly green shoots of spring grass work their way out of the soil there’s one thing on the minds of most hunters — turkeys. Before long jakes and toms will be strutting their stuff and traveling in search of receptive hens, and that’s a fantastic time to be in the woods. Before that first pre-dawn gobble thunders through the hardwoods, however, you need to make certain you’ve got all the gear you’ll need for a successful season — the right gun, ammo, clothing, vest, decoys and calls to stack the odds in your favor when opening day rolls around. Here’s a list of 12 of the very best new products for the 2018 turkey hunting season.

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Bass Pro Shops Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake and Mating Hen Turkey Decoy Combo

turkey hunting

What really brings those dominant toms on the run is the sight of a Jake courting a receptive hen. Bass Pro Shops new remote-controlled Crazy Jake and Mating Hen Decoy Combo combines realistic-looking dekes (the head and eyes are taxidermy quality) with movement that will fool even the wariest old longbeard, and the whole kit — the Crazy Jake decoy, collapsible Mating Hen Decoy, Remote Strut Stake Gen-2, and standard 2-prong metal stake — come in a convenient Redhead Turkey Decoy Bag Pack Carry Bag with backpack straps, an orange safety flag and a Remote Strut Stake pocket. The Crazy Jake’s ¾-strut position challenges any older toms in the area and prompts them to come looking for a fight. Remote range is 50 yards and the unit runs on 4 AA batteries. MSRP: $99.99. www.basspro.com


turkey hunting

In many parts of the country spring temperatures can be quite warm and finding a long-sleeve camo shirt that offers maximum concealment and breathability can be a challenge. Enter the NOMAD NWTF ¼ Zip. Polyester construction with mesh underarms and a mesh lower back allow heat to dissipate quickly so you won’t spend the morning shedding — and keeping track of — garments. This lightweight, loose-fitting quarter zip comes in three Mossy Oak camo patterns — Bottomlands, Obsession and Greenleaf —and it offers sun protection as well. The design is lightweight and packable so you’ll always have room to stow this shirt and the antimicrobial engineering helps keep funk to a minimum. The NOMAD ¼ Zip is also silent and allows for freedom of movement, too. MSRP: $54.99. www.nomadoutdoor.com

Federal TSS

turkey hunting

TSS stands for Tungsten Super Shot, and that’s an apt name for this game-changing shotshell. For starters, you can select from #7 or #9 shot, much smaller diameter projectiles than are traditionally stuffed in turkey shells. What’s the difference? TSS tungsten alloy shot is 22 percent heavier than standard tungsten and a whopping 56 percent heavier than lead. The result is better penetration and more energy from smaller shot. Couple that with increased pellet counts — roughly twice as many pellets and standard #5 shot shells — and you have a high-tech turkey-slamming shotshell. Advanced buffer material helps prevent pellet deformation and the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad provides tighter, denser, more lethal patterns at extended ranges. There’s even a .410 TSS load that’s ideal for young shooters — or anyone who wants to kill turkeys without heavy recoil. MSRP: $29.95-$49.95. www.federalpremium.com

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Tenzing TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner

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Tenzing makes innovative and durable packs, and the TZ TR18 is no exception. The most striking features of this turkey pack are the twin spring-loaded legs that fold out and adjust to stabilize the hunter in a semi-reclined position. The system works rather like a bipod in reverse; the legs stabilize the shooter so you can take aim and, if necessary, sit comfortably for extended periods of time if the gobbler decides to hang-up out of range. There’s even a foldout seat that adds an extra level of comfort on uneven or rocky ground. In addition to the clever leg system, the TZ TR18 is a functional pack with lots of secure but easily-accessed storage compartments where you can keep your calls handy and separate and hand warmer pockets for those chilly mornings. There’s an internal aluminum frame for added support and detachable pockets that allow you to customize the pack to fit your hunting needs. MSRP: $219.99. www.tenzingoutdoors.com

Primos Drag Strip

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The Drag Strip from Primos is a new take on an old design. The flat top is easy to access and the CNC milled exotic wood body features a built-in soundboard and sound ports and fits comfortably in the hand. The laminated striker is also CNC turned and it is small enough to fit in a vest pocket and can easily be concealed when calling birds in close. A Pennsylvania slate call surface is easy to use, durable and produces accurate sounds including clucks, yelps and purrs. If you had to choose just one turkey call to carry this spring this one should be near the top of the list. MSRP: $39.99. www.primos.com

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Winchester SX4 NWTF Cantilever Turkey

turkey huntingLast year, Winchester introduced the SX4, successor to the brand’s popular SX3 semiauto shotgun. The SX3’s Active Valve gas system carries over — no surprise since it’s proven to be a reliable and efficient design. The few minor changes are well thought-out and include larger, easier-to-use controls and more polymers in place of aluminum parts in areas like the trigger guard. Modern polymers are actually more durable than aluminum in many cases and the addition of polymer parts has helped reduce prices to a point where the SX4 is certainly one of the best buys in semiauto shotguns. The Cantilever Turkey version comes in 12-gauge with a 3 ½” chamber and a 24″ barrel topped with TRUGLO adjustable sights. The cantilever design makes mounting an optic easy and this SX4 comes with a Mossy Oak Obsession camo dip. MSRP: $1,069.99. www.winchesterguns.com

Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble

turkey hunting

Some toms simply won’t bite on the traditional hen call and decoy — they’ve simply heard that serenade too many times. But a dominance challenge is sometimes just the key to rile up those gobblers and bring them running. Flextone’s Thunder Shaker Gobble is the perfect dominance challenge call because it accurately mimics a gobble and —perhaps most importantly — it’s easy to use even when a tom is closing in. By following your hen calls with a gobble to create a more realistic scenario you’ll be able to persuade even the most apathetic gobbler into action. In addition, the Thunder Shaker is durably constructed and will withstand years of hard use. MSRP: $17.99. www.flextonegamecalls.com

Cabela’s Instinct Lockdown Snake Boots

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Unfortunately, much of the country’s best turkey hunting takes place in areas inhabited by unsavory serpents. Having to watch each step you take can certainly slow down a turkey hunt, but it’s far better than being bitten by a venomous snake. Cabela’s new Instinct Lockdown Snake Boot is an option for those who hunt around these reptiles, and it’s a very good option. A 20″ TurtleSkin upper protects hunters from even the largest snake species and these boots feature side zippers and hook-and-loop closures at the top. Traditionally, snake boots have helped you stay safe around deadly serpents but they’ve never been very comfortable. However, the Instinct Lockdown boots come with EVA midsoles, Vibram outsoles and the convenience and durability of the BOA lacing system. Available in Mossy Oak Obsession NWTF, these boots are insurance against a potentially life-threatening bite this spring. MSRP: $300. www.cabelas.com

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turkey hunting

Vests are an essential piece of turkey hunting equipment because they keep all your gear close at hand and well organized. To make certain their Mg vest (for Meleagris gallopavo — scientific name of the wild turkey) vest provided the most functional layout available, NOMAD sought the opinions of several of the nation’s top turkey hunters. The resulting vest features padded chest and shoulder straps, triples mesh panel removable back, 4 internal pockets of various sizes and depths, box call and Thermacell pockets, and much, much more. There are no less than 8 size adjustment straps and three front strap fasteners for a personalized — and comfortable — fit. This pack is available in three Mossy oak patterns (Greenleaf, Obsession and Bottomlands). MSRP: $129.99 www.nomadoutdoor.com

Primos TRUTH 30 Years Box Call

turkey hunting

If you’ve been turkey hunting over the course of the last three decades there’s a good chance you’ve used some Primos products. To celebrate 30 years, the company is offering their “30 Years of Truth” box call. A laser-engraved photo of Will Primos graces the top paddle and each of these calls is made at the company’s woodworking facility in Mississippi. All of these calls are numbered and a limited amount will be produced so they’re certain to become collector’s items. This is a collector’s item you can actually be used in the field to draw in turkeys, though. After all, the 30 Years of Truth is made by Primos — a company that has spent three decades perfecting their game. MSRP: $89.99. www.primos.com

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Browning Kingpin Rechargeable Flashlight

turkey hunting

Turkey hunting means traipsing through the woods hours before sunrise so a flashlight is a must-have item. There are scores of flashlights from which to choose, but the new Kingpin from Browning should be at the top of your list. Why? For starters, the lithium-ion batteries can be charged using the included AC wall adapter and cord or the DC adapter for your car and, if the need arises, this flashlight will also run on three standard C-cell batteries. The Power Bank feature allows you to charge other devices like your cell phone from your light — an important feature in emergency situations where you may be far from help — and there are three brightness levels that illuminate objects out to 460 yards. The bright white LED bulb never needs replacing and the lithium-ion batteries last for up to 500 charging cycles. Additionally, the Kingpin is durable; it’s submersible to three feet for a half an hour and has been drop tested from one meter. MSRP: $199.99. www.browning.com

Redhead Striker Turkey Vest

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Need a turkey vest that checks all the required boxes and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to get it? Check out the Redhead striker. It has pockets galore including specialized pouches for your box calls and strikers and a mesh pocket for mouth calls. There’s a magnetic memory-foam flip-up seat attached to the vest for added comfort, padded back and shoulder straps and the pack is hydration compatible, which is a real bonus on hot spring mornings. There’s an adjustable game bag for carrying out your bird when it’s down and a blaze orange flag to ensure that you can do so safely. The pack itself is covered in True Timber HTC Green camo so you’ll blend in perfectly with the spring foliage. MSRP: $69.99. www.basspro.com

Good luck this season. Hope you bag a biggn or two.

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