2 Methods to Sell More Products on GunBroker.com, Faster and Easier

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A Faster Way to Upload Lots of Products & Listings to GunBroker

Listing products on GunBroker one by one can be a tedious and time consuming task. We have developed some tools to make this process a little easier for you.  We’ve developed the Bulk Lister and the REST API to upload multiple products and listings at once.

The Bulk Lister

Check out this 2 minute video on what the Bulk Lister is.


How to Use the Bulk Lister:

  1. Request Customer Support turn on Bulk Lister for your account.
    1. Navigate Welcome>My Support>Create Support Issue to Contact Customer Support.
    2. Select Feature Request from the drop down subject menu. Click Go.
    3. Enter “Turn on Bulk Lister for my account” in the description field. Confirm and Submit.
    4. We send you confirmation that Bulk Lister was turned on.
  2. Download and complete the Excel spreadsheet.
    1. Go to Tools for Sellers.
    2. Scroll to Tools, and click Bulk Lister.
    3. Download the Excel spreadsheet template. The Excel spreadsheet opens with the following tabs: Instructions, Listings, Categories, Version.
    4. Follow the instructions to add your listing information in the appropriate tabs and columns.
  3. Upload your spreadsheet.
    1. Go to Tools for Sellers
    2. Scroll to Tools, and click Bulk Lister.
    3. Select your saved spreadsheet. Click Upload.
  4. The system validates and posts your listings.
    1. The system validates each row of information.
    2. If any row fails validation, you receive an error message with the row and field in error. Correct any errors and upload the spreadsheet again.
    3. If all rows pass validation, the listings go into a queue and begin posting to the site.
    4. We send you an email when all listings have posted.
  5. Track your listings on Welcome>My Selling.


This will require someone with web coding skills and experience with APIs.  You can find inexpensive people from around the world on sites like Upwork.com. But, once you have someone, you have even more flexibility than the Bulk Lister.

With the REST API, you have the ability to:

  • Automatically list items, including your entire suite of inventory
  • Connect to your inventory system
  • Better manage your order fulfillment process
  • Manage your GunBroker account and listings from your own custom software
  • Feature your GunBroker listings on your own website.
  • Create a mobile app that accesses your GunBroker.com listings.
  • Have greater control and flexibility over your listings and formatting

Several of our top sellers use the REST API to help them manage their listings.

To access information regarding the API, go here:  https://api.gunbroker.com/User/Help


To your continued success!

by Ryan Nokes | MarketPlace Insight


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