20 Must-Watch Survival Videos from Sensible Prepper Sootch00

Top 20 survival videos from Sootch00, aka Sensible Prepper!

Potassium Permanganate 3 Excellent Survival Uses

COVID-19 Panic Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared. It’s time to take this seriously but being prepared will go a long way in keeping you and your family safe.
#Covid19 #Coronavirus #Pandemic #Contagion

Security in a SHTF Situation is paramount. One tool for your security are perimeter alarms. Sentry Alarm Mines are robust and easy to use. Big thanks to my friend Rick who sent these for this review.
Alarm Mine Website: https://alarmmine.com/

Prepping for Beginners – Sootch00 covers the basics for all the novices out there! We go over the basic ideas of what you’ll need to plan for to be prepared. Remember the Rule of 3’s #Prepping #Survival #Prepper #Prepping101 #Beginners

Thrift Stores are an excellent Budget resource for Prepping Supplies. #Prepping #Thrift Store #budget
Exclusive Weekly Sensible Prepper videos on Survival Dispatch Insider: https://goo.gl/7p7TqT

Items to look for:
Rain Gear, Wool Blankets, Manual Can Openers, Large Cooking Pots, Water Bottles, and more!

Building a 72 Hour Emergency Kit for your Home. Be prepared before a Crisis with all the essential gear and Supplies together.
#72hourkit #SurvivalKit #EmergencyKit

The New Olight Warrior X Pro Flashlight has 2250 Lumens, 600 Meter Beam Distance and built like a tank. It’s a high performance light for security or police. Get 10% Off using Sootch00 at checkout : https://olight.idevaffiliate.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=129 (Affiliate Link)

We’re taking a look at the Current U.S. Marine Corps Type 1 Class 3 complete Survival Kit. Pilots are depending on these, it’s smart to see what they use.

Glock E-Tool Review and Field Test. Compact Shovel, Spade and Saw for Survival. Lightweight Entrenching Tool that’s easy to Pack. Thanks to Optics Planet for the 5% Sootch00 Discount and sending the E-Tool for the Review.

ExoTac Ripspool Survival Field Repair Kit Review #Exotac #Ripspool #FieldRepairKit #Survival

How to make a Cowboy Canvas & Wool Bedroll #Cowboy #Bedroll #Survival

Survival Lessons: Living in a Vehicle #Survival #Prepping #SHTF #Livinginacar

EDC Ankle Medical Kit by John Lovell at the Warrior Poet Society YouTube Channel. The best way to carry your medical gear EDC.

Top 10 Items Cowboys Carried for Survival on the Trail. Big thanks to Sarah Mac and Rio for their help! #Cowboy #Survival #Top10items #Horses #Cowboysurvival

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