Ho Ho Ho: It’s Sootch’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s that time of year again, folks! The tree is up, stockings hung, deer tag punched, and we’re laying out this year’s holiday gift guide with Sootch00.

Let’s kick it off!


These unique American-made 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistols from American Gun Craft (AGC) are hand-crafted and shipped to your door with no FFL required in most states! (We’re confident you can guess which ones aren’t on the list)

First up is the Diablo featuring a 6-inch barrel and a two-finger derringer-style grip.

Sootch's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide on GetZone American Gun Craft Diablo 12 gauge pistol collector set

Caliber: 12 Gauge — Muzzleloader — Conventional 209 Primer Breech Plug Design BP muzzleloader, suggested load 40gr ffg, 1/2 oz shot
Finish: Polished Nickel and Blued Finish
Weight: 3.2 Lbs
Type: Single Hammer, Double Barrel, Single Trigger, 209 Primer Ignition ML
Barrel Length: 6″ Length Polished Double Barrel Side-by-side, smooth-bore
Barrel Type: Break Open Polished Double Barrel Side-by-side, smooth-bore
Overall Length: 10”
Stock: Synthetic Grips
Stock Finish: Grips Brazilian Rosewood finish.
Sight Bead: sight bead installed

Single hammer, single trigger, and utilizes a selector on the hammer to select one barrel or the other.

All of American Gun Craft’s shotgun pistols have a one-piece barrel that is machined from solid 4130 steel bar stock and built like a tank – made in America from 4130 steel!

Each pistol is hand-built one at a time and hand-polished on a buffing wheel for at least one hour. AGC’s pistols have a lifetime warranty to the original buyer. These firearms are great for hunting, target shooting, self-defense, and always impress on display!


Also from American Gun Craft is this 8-inch AR adapter stock Picatinny rail pistol. This AGC AR Stock adapter set will transform your AGC Diablo or Desperado into a LEGAL black powder short-barreled shotgun!

More accuracy, more possibilities, and MORE FUN!


  • Available installed on a new 6, 8, or 11 Inch Barrel pistol
  • Picatinny forend and AR stock adapter grip assembled onto the 6, 8, or 11-inch barrel pistol
  • 12 Gauge
  • No FFL Required
  • Buy it with the Picatinny Forend and AR stock adapter grip installed onto a factory-new pistol
  • Buttstock and vertical foregrip not included, accepts standard AR15 style stocks including most side folders and CAR-15 styles

Easy to install but HARD to put down!

The AR Adapter Stock Picatinny Rail Pistol Set accepts standard AR15 style stocks including most side folders and CAR-15 styles

Learn more about the Diablo and AR Adaptor Stock from American Gun Craft by visiting their WEBSITE


The SureStrike™ Mag is a revolutionary product that combines the Smart DryFireMag by DryFireMag®, LLC and the original SureStrike™ laser cartridge by Laser Ammo. This product allows you to train with your own pistol without the need to rack the slide or replace the trigger – provide instant feedback with an eye-safe Red laser. You can use the SureStrike™ Mag with any of the Laser Ammo reactive targets and simulators, and improve your shooting skills in a realistic, safe, and fun way.

The SureStrike™ Mag comes with:

  • 9mm Cartridge for S-DFM – Red (Visible)
  • Smart DryFireMag
  • USB-C cable charger
  • Lighter spring
  • Allen key
  • UhrSecure Safety system: short safety pipe, black safety pipe extension & orange safety nut
  • 3 reflective targets (with the red laser option only)
  • A battery pack
  • User guide

The SureStrike™ laser is made in Israel, built from a stainless steel body, a high-quality glass lens laser, and a programmed controlled action cap – that allows a minimum of 5K shots which can easily be replaced when needed. A sleep mode is included in every cap, to ensure long battery life. This is the most robust and accurate laser in the market.

Learn more about Laser Ammo’s SureStrike Mag by visiting their WEBSITE

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If you are looking for a magazine for your 1911 Full-Size pistol, choose the magazine manufacturer that is the most trusted in the industry.

Compatible Firearms: 1911 Full Size
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 8 rounds
Coating: Anti-friction
Follower: High-impact polymer
Tube: Heat-treated carbon steel
Spring: High tensile music wire
Floorplate: High-impact polymer

Compatible with 9mm – G17, G19, G19x, G26, G34, G45, G47
Compatible with Shadow Systems – MR920, XR920, DR920
Compatible with Palmetto State Armory – Dagger

All Mec-Gar magazines are made in Italy with the most sophisticated technologies and the best materials.

Learn more about Mec-Gar’s products by visiting their WEBSITE


XS Sights’ second-generation R3D night sights are engineered to give you a brighter, stronger set of sights. Easily install your sights with a set that requires 50% less force for installation. R3D 2.0 sights are built to withstand years of EDC use and abuse.

The set drives focus downrange using a serrated blacked-out rear sight and a dual-illuminated tritium photoluminescent front sight. R3D 2.0 sights are the brightest notch and post option for fast and accurate shooting in bright and low light.


  • Tritium front and rear sight
  • Black nitride surface finish
  • DIYer Install Rated
  • Dual-illuminated tritium photoluminescent front sight
  • High contrast orange or green photoluminescent Glow Dot
  • Anti-glare Blacked-out Serrated Rear Sight
  • Rear Sight Ledge for one-handed slide manipulations
  • Traditional notch and post 3-dot sight picture
  • CNC-machined iron sights
  • Made in Fort Worth, TX

XS Sights’ tritium front sights are equipped with a Swiss-made tritium vial and a proprietary photoluminescent Glow Dot. The photoluminescent properties offer a high-contrast color in bright and glow in low light in conjunction with the tritium.

The black nitride surface treatment offers over 50% more corrosion resistance protection when compared to black oxide to prevent rust and wear. The quench-polish-quench treatment process hardens the surface to protect against drops.

Learn more about XS Sights R3D 2.0 Tridium Night Sights by visiting their WEBSITE.

Hope you found these ideas helpful for your gift list this year!

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