3 Ways to Catch and Cook Fish in a Survival Situation

In any survival situation, you are going to need to eat. And while berries and nuts provide you with some of your daily nutrients and calories, it’s typically not enough.

Fish can provide a meal or more each day, but not many of us know how to catch and prepare fish in the wild. We’ve chosen a great video that shows different ways to cook fish on an open fire.

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Of course, it’s helpful to know how to catch and cook fish in a survival situation! Lets start with some tips for catching the fish.

Spearfishing is an ancient method used to catch fish but it takes time, patience and practice. Using a spear, wade in shallow water where your catch is visible, and slowly move the spear as close as possible. When ready, quickly spear your catch.

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Nets are actually not a legal method for fishing. You may have heard of drift nets; at one time it was a popular method due to the ease of catching large amounts of fish with just one net. However, if you are caught using a drift net under the current rules of law, you could end up in jail and/or charged with an extremely large fine.

To be successful, you need to know something about the behavior of the fish. The best time to catch fish is either just before dawn, just after dusk, or when bad weather is imminent. Fishing in an area of clear water is much more difficult because fish can both see and hear sounds above the water. As such, anything shiny and metallic you’re wearing might reflect sunlight which will spook certain types of fish. It’s important to fish with stealth.

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Weather has also been proven to affect fish’s behavior. A warm front causes surface temperatures to rise and fish then increase their feeding, so this is a good time to fish. Cloudy days are also good days to fish, as fish feel safer coming out of cover since there’s less light coming down. Additionally, rain drops falling on the water can help conceal your presence from fish, reducing the risk of spooking them.

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