Bow Packages: Top 5 Ready-To-Hunt Bow Kits That Will Bullseye Your Budget

Bow Packages: A look at the top 5 ready-to-hunt bow kits for your budget.

Whether you’re hunting whitetail or trying to bag a plump Thanksgiving broiler, you can’t go wrong with the right compound bow system on your side. Generations upon generations of carefully perfected archery technique, technology, and construction all converge to make the perfect hunting tool which melds the Stone Age with the modern. All of that research and development can sometimes come at a steep upfront cost, especially for beginners who are acquiring their first set of archer’s gear. You’ll need more than just a bow if it’s your first time out, or if you’re trying to outfit your young archer with all of the proper tools right away. Counterweights, sights, rests, armguards, quivers, quick releases, string dampers and the arrows themselves can really start to add up if you’re purchasing everything separately. It’s why I love bow kits.

Thankfully, nearly every archery manufacturer on the market has what they call an “RTH” or “Ready-To-Hunt” package, which not only comes with a compound bow, but a quiver, a sight, arrows, and all the other gear you will need to hit the field, the range, or the hunt fully prepared and ready to shoot. This list will feature the highest-rated of those packages, but with the caveat that you won’t have to spend more than $400 on one. This is hunting on a budget.

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So here at the Top 5 Ready-To-Hunt Bow Kits, starting at #5.

5. Quest Radical by G5
quest bow kit bow packages
(image source; Farmstead Archery)

While the G5 may not be the first name you think of in archery, the Quest Radical package is a great complete bow package for beginners, young archers, and those looking for a resilient bow they can beat up and not fret over. Yes, its purple camo is a bit silly, but if you’re just starting out and need a reliable target bow more so than a true field hunting package, this is the one you want. Even fully geared with sight, rest, side quiver, compensator, and all, it weighs a meager four pounds. The draw weight can be adjusted from 15 pounds all the way up to 70, so young archers can truly grow with the bow. And what’s even better is that it will still fire at almost 300 feet per second, all for less than $400.

4. Bowtech Instigator for Cabela’s
(image source; WhiteTail Diaries)

Built for Cabela’s by Bowtech, the Insitgator is another all-around approach to the ready-to-go bow package which promises to be a kit that will feel just as comfortable for an adult to use religiously as it would be for a young archer to learn on. Boasting a max draw weight of 65 pounds, and adjustments that only require an Allen key to make, the Instigator is a versatile system which puts basics before flash. The full kit comes with everything pictured and for the low-low price of $399.99.


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3. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro
(image source; Bowhunting Advice)

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is another contract build for outdoor outfitters Cabela’s, and yet another steal of a deal for a complete bow package. A lightweight 3 pound, 7-inch brace bow, it can fire at over 300 feet per second with a draw weight that’s adjustable up to 65 pounds to allow you to build your arm strength at your own pace. The package offered at Cabela’s features a sling, quiver, arrows, a quick release, stabilizer, and a Hostage XL whisker rest. All in all, not a bad deal for right below $400.

2. PSE Fever
(image source; PSE Archery)

The PSE Fever is another “great grow-with-your-bow” package, but it also sports some genuinely good equipment, top-quality construction, and the consistent performance which Precision Shooting Equipment puts standard in all of their products. Like most of the others, it’s adjustable up to a 65-pound draw weight with a draw length just under 30 inches. It’s an extremely forgiving bow, which makes it perfect for beginners and learners, but sets it up with tons of ease-of-use for veterans who want a more relaxed shooting experience. And with PSE offering the bow directly for almost $450, but most retailers showing it for closer to $390, this is one you shouldn’t sleep on.

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1. Bear Cruzer
(image source; Bear Archery)

Finally, we come to the top shooter on our top bow kit list. Bear Archery has consistently built some of the best, most affordable “ready-to-hunt” bow packages on the market for many, many years. Their solid construction, reliability, durability, and overall performance are among the many reasons Bear bows are repeatedly at the top of “Best Bow” lists in too many publications to name. The Cruzer is just the latest iteration of a renowned shooting platform and comes with all of the bells and whistles one would expect from such a long line of top-performing gear. And at the cheapest on our list, a mere $350, if it’s a great value for a great piece of hunting equipment you want, look no further. You’ve found it.

Those were the best full bow packages we could bullseye for under $400, but if you have a better recommendation than one of our finds, be sure to share it with us. Maybe we’ll update this list of bow kits with your find. Happy hunting!


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