5 reasons your game meat can taste like crap

We all enjoy saving a couple bucks on our harvested meat. It gives us some perspective and appreciation for wildlife as we share it around the dinner table. The last thing you want to eat or give to someone else to eat is meat that taste too “gamey”. Use these helpful hints to keep everyone looking forward to the next meal.

1: Take some good photos and make a memory. Don’t have a photography session as your harvested animal sits in the sunlight. Get r done.

2: Don’t expect an older trophy size animal to taste the same as a young.

3: If you cut the tarsal glands off an animal, do it AFTER you process your meat.

4: Don’t wait around after you’ve confirmed your kill. Get busy with the knife and get the meat in a freezer or on ice.

5: Don’t overcook your meat! The more you cook your meat past medium, the gamier it will taste.

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