Tips for a Successful Fish Fry with Kershaw Knives

There’s nothing quite like spending some time outdoors with the Women On Ice. While enjoy the winter weather up on Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota, founder Barb Carey shared her top tips for having a successful fish fry – on or off the ice. If you’re thinking about frying up your catch of the day for dinner, be sure to consider her below tips and tricks before getting the your skillet ready:

Bleed out the fish. Did you know the most humane way to kill a fish is to bleed it out? Additionally, this method produces the cleanest fillet. If you’re not entirely sure how to properly bleed the fish, first cut the artery that runs alongside the gills, on the underside of the fish. If the fish bleeds out quickly, you cut the right spot. Equipping yourself with a knife like the Kershaw Chive is a great, safe option to get the job done easily.

Choose a quality knife to fillet. If you’re unsure what kind of knife will work well, the Kershaw 7.5” Narrow Fillet Knife is perfect for the task. Created with a grippier handle, this knife does a great job with freshwater fish and the blade has just enough flex – making it easier for you to prep your dinner.

Keep your fish cold! Whether you’re on ice or under the summer sun, this step is essential. Using an ample sized live well or even a string will do the trick! But either way, it’s better to clean your fish sooner rather than later.

Save leftovers in an airtight container. Had a lucky day and caught more fish than you can fry? Save it for another day! If you don’t have airtight containers on hand, pop the fillets in a plastic Ziploc and submerge it under water to force the air out. The fillet should last longer in the refrigerator (within in 2 days) or even in the freezer.

Know your state’s laws. It’s important to learn your state’s regulations on transporting filleted fish so make sure to read up before you head out on the water. As an example, in Minnesota, you have to leave part of the skin on the fillet to identify your catch if necessary.

We know there’s nothing better than frying up fresh fish for friends and family after a long day on the water. While it’s rewarding on many levels, following these tips will be sure to make your experience even richer!

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