78-Year-Old Hunter Harvest Buck of a Lifetime with 36-Points In Howard Lake, MN

Claudia Bircu
January 4, 2017

We love stories like this one!

Jim Wackler, a 78-year-old hunter that hasn’t missed a deer hunting season since 1957, shot a 36-point buck just north of Howard Lake, MN in November 2016. Talk about the buck of a lifetime!

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Wackler says the deer weighed in at 219 pounds when he field-dressed it, and that means a lot of venison this winter. He says he hunts to feed his family, and they’ll eat every pound of that meat in the coming months! Especially with onset of the Winter months!
Good for him!
I wonder if he makes any deer jerky with it?
Deer Jerky

Deer Jerky Image from www.deerrecipes.online.com