9 Weapons You Thought Were Only In SciFi Movies But Are Real

December 1, 2016

Check out these scifi weapons that actually exist! These futuristic weapons are absolutely mindblowing and right out of SciFi movies! [See Video below]

#1 Laser Weapon System – punches holes through pretty much anything

laser weapon system

#2 The Active Denial System – a crowd control device. Fires a heat of radiation to generate pain but without actual injury, used for crown control.

active denial system

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#3 Rail Guns

rail guns

#4 Precision Guided Firearms /  TrackingPoint

hunting precision guided firearms    precision guided firearms

#5 The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System- can be controlled like a drone.

#6 Laser Avenger – can be operated with an x-box controller.

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#7 Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS)

#8 Plasma Forcefields are actually being developed to deploy to defend high priority assets.

#9 Swarmbots

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Check out the Video from Origins Explained‘s YouTube Channel.