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Shooting Sports Industry Influencer Series: Daniel Shaw

Daniel Shaw (Trainer): Paulo ‘GN’ Rubio interviews Daniel Shaw at the 2017 NRA Show. Daniel talks about training, social media and what’s important to him. Watch the Full Interview Series: Tatiana Whitlock, Steve Fisher, Julie Golob, Rob Leatham, Massad Ayoob, Chris Barrett, Ben ‘Mookie’ Thomas, John Correia, Instructor Zero, John Chapman, Maggie Reese, Rob Pincus, and […]

Rob Leatham vs. Daniel Shaw ROUND TWO! | Springfield Armory EMP4

Rob Leatham and Daniel Shaw go head-to-head AGAIN exploring the new Springfield Armory EMP4″ models. Who won this time? Related Stories: Springfield Armory Introduces 6 New Guns for 2017 Related Stories: Daniel Shaw vs Rob Leatham! | The Springfield Armory TRP 1911 Watch more new product videos from SHOT Show 2017 here. For more information on this […]

Springfield Armory TRP 1911

Daniel Shaw vs Rob Leatham! | The Springfield Armory TRP 1911

Daniel Shaw and Rob Leatham have some fun shooting the new Springfield Armory TRP 1911 with some friendly competition. Now available in Tactical Grey with even MORE grip! Who won this one? Related Stories: “Why did you build an AR?” | The Springfield Armory SAINT Related Stories: Rob Leatham vs. Daniel Shaw ROUND TWO! | Springfield Armory […]

American Nomads

Follow the adventures of US Marine Combat Veteran, Daniel Shaw, and his family as they leave traditional home living and travel the United States in an RV, teaching and learning alongside great Americans. These men and women include current and former military service members, law enforcement officers and every day, responsible, armed citizens who stand […]


Binge Watch: Industry Influencer Series

Watch the individual episodes of Industry Influencer Series:  Tatiana Whitlock, Steve Fisher, Julie Golob & Maggie Reese, Rob Leatham, Massad Ayoob, Chris Barrett, John Correia, Instructor Zero, John Chapman, Rob Pincus, and Daniel Shaw. Related Videos: Binge Watch: American Nomads Related Videos: Binge Watch: Ruger American New Shooter Academy


Binge Watch: Ruger Range Drills – Season 1

More Ruger Range Drills: Episode 1: Gun Grip Repetition Drill Episode 2: Making the Gun Go Bang Without Moving the Gun Episode 3: Recoil Anticipation Drill Episode 4: Shot Caller Drill Episode 5: Shot Hole Drill Episode 6: Trigger Manipulation Drill Related Stories: Binge Watch New Original Series: Ruger American New Shooter Academy Related Stories: Finding Fearless […]