Accuracy Solutions from Steiner Optics: DRS 1X and M7xi IFS

New optics offerings from Steiner Optics for 2019: DRS1X and M7Xi IFS

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DRS1X: Engineered for speed, simplicity and accuracy

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The new DRS1X lives up to its namesake with rapid and lethal target engagement at close quarters.

The DRS (Defendu Reflex Sight) is so versatile and effective at close range, we’ve named it after the famed Lt. Colonel William Ewart Fairbairn whose Close Quarters Combat system was designed to rapidly disable an opponent with potentially lethal force. Perfect for tactical operations or home defense, the 1x reflex sight offers three reticles calibrated for speed and accuracy at 7, 25 and 50 yards.

The ultimate CQB sight, it is built with legendary Steiner’s legendary ruggedness. Lightweight, compact and simple to use.

Window size is .96 x 1.26 in. (height x width).

The overall height is 2.57 in., and it sites 2.35 in. above the rail.

The C2 reticle has three options (see image in photo gallery):
a. Singe dot
b. Dot and stadia lines
c. Dot, stadia lines and close dot

Available March 2019

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M7Xi IFS 4-28×56: Intelligent Firing Solution

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Steiner sets the new standard for sniper riflescopes by entering the digital world. Based on the outstanding success of the M5Xi – used today by Special Forces around the globe – Steiner sets a new benchmark with the ultimate long-range riflescope M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 with a 7x zoom and an impressive field of view (1.42-9 m at 100 m).

The Intelligent Firing Solution with integrated customizable display always provides all the important information in real time to the operator. The built in Ballistic Calculator and Sensor Suite determines the bullet point of impact in real time (temperature, air pressure, inclination, wind drift). Just turn the turrets until the distance and wind correction in the display matches the information provided by the spotter and you will be on target.

The display provides information about leveling and the current turret setting. Display and user interface can be customized to user needs.  All information can be arranged, or deactivated as needed via smartphone app (Bluetooth connection).

Available Models:

#8719-G2B_E (G2B Mil-Dot)
#8719-MSR_E (MSR 2)
#8719-T3_E (TReMoR 3)

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