Aero Precision’s New Line of PC Carbine Components – SHOT Show 2020

New Line of PC Carbine Components from Aero Precision Introduced at SHOT Show 2020 toured the SHOT Show floor to bring you the hottest new products being introduced for the new year. Let’s take a look at Aero Precision’s New Line of PC Carbine Components introduced at SHOT Show 2020.

“We’re super excited this year to be announcing our PCC entry into the market, being able to service those people that are wanting to build a PCC based on an aero precision product. We want you to buy the received set from us, we want you to build your AR9 / AR10 mm build and outfitted with all the Aero Precision components,” says Brian at Aero Precision.

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Although they run on Glock magazines they might be expanding into other styles like Scorpion and Colt in the future.

“The pistol caliber carbine market has exploded, and PCCs are fun to shoot. I was hoping for a PCC from Aero Precision and think it’s going to be a big hit,” says Fred Mastison.


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Have you heard about Aero Precision’s partnership with Thunder Ranch? Aero Precision hosted an event at the Ranch in 2019. The attendants at this event built 12 brand-new rifles at the Ranch. Then Thunder Ranch’s employees proceeded to put them to the test during the Ranch’s Urban Rifle Course over the next two days. Watch their video to learn more about it.

Stay tuned to for more information on Aero Precision’s new Prototype Charging handle that’s in the works.

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