Amazing axhead multi-tool can replace nearly all of your hunting or camping tool kit

The KLAX, or Keckler “Lumberjack” wants to be the last tool you’ll ever need because it has ALL the tools you’ll ever need. The multi-function multi-tool is not only a tough, durable axhead by design, it’s an axhead which you can carve up your own handle with. It features 7 separate tool functions which can be used without the handle, from the small wrench, the extra knife blade, to something as simple as the ruler etched into the head. Even more impressive is the the unique mounting system on the KLAX, which allows you to expand or contract the clamp to fit any handle you fashion or find, and because of the clamp, you don’t need to worry about shaping the wood to fit into the axhead–it fits AROUND the handle. Check out Keckler Knives to get one of these must-have tools for yourself.

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