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Amazing Ghost Rainbow Spotted in Scotland!


While taking a wander around Rannoch Moor in the Scottish highlands on Sunday, photographer Melvin Nicholson captured a mystical sight hanging over the horizon.

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“It’s an amazing thing to witness and can generally only be seen if the sun is behind you when you are looking at it,” Melvin explained while describing his image. “Freshly fallen snow set the scene all around. It was just beyond magical and one of those days that you’ll remember for a long time to come.”

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Picture supplied by Melvin Nicholson (Geoff Robinson Photography) 07976 880732.
A photographer has taken a picture of a beautiful WHITE rainbow in the Scottish mountains.
Melvin Nicholson captured a stunning photo of a rare FOG BOW on Rannoch Moor whilst out walking on Sunday November 20th.

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