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We often take our hearing for granted, but this topic is one we should really be more concerned with. This is especially true when it comes to firearms. Contrary to what most people may think, not all hearing protection is created equal. From foamies, to some of the most expensive ear muffs, if there is any gap between your ear canal and your hearing protection, your hearing is at risk. 

On a recent trip to AZ I was introduced to Rebecca Michael, owner of Ampd Up Custom Hearing Protection. Founded in 2016, Rebecca discovered a large need for affordable and accessible hearing protection. A shooter herself, she was tired of ear pro that, as she calls it, almost fit and decided to change the industry. After much research, time and dedication, Rebecca had created the perfect solution, custom molded ear plugs.

Ampd Up creates custom molded ear plugs by hand and on the spot. These ear plugs are designed to fit every ear perfectly. This allows for all day comfort and better protection than anything else on the market today. This hearing protection is highly effective and is only a fraction of the cost compared to what you would pay at an audiologist office. In addition to superior hearing protection, these ear plugs are also durable giving you up to two years of use. 

While having my own pair of custom ear plugs made, I was able to spend quality time conversing with Rebecca. I found the amount of knowledge she has on this subject to be quite impressive and consider her to be an expert in her field. When Rebecca realized the need for quality hearing protection, not only in the firearms industry, but every avenue in life – she began extensive research that ultimately led to developing her own company in 2016, Ampd Up Custom Hearing Protection. Since the start of her company, Rebecca has found that her ear plugs reach far beyond the firearms industry. From industrial workers to water activities and everything in between, Ampd Up has become a solid go-to for reliable hearing protection for any situation where hearing loss is a risk. 

The process is quick and painless, and Rebecca makes the already enjoyable process even more so with her superior customer service skills and delightful demeanor. Taking the time to educate each client on the importance of protecting their hearing, and how her products are able to do so has become one of the most important parts of the process for her. Rebecca commented, “Making each individual comfortable and helping to educate them is so important to me. I know what it is like being a patient, especially when dealing with something as sensitive as the ears. I want each client who is trusting me with their hearing to feel comfortable and understand the process – which I take very seriously.”

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I asked Rebecca if she felt her company was her passion, her response could not have been more genuine. “My Grandfather was a carpenter and extremely hard of hearing. Growing up I was always sad to see how he would isolate himself at family gatherings out of frustration of not being able to hear anyone. Instead of asking people to repeat themselves, he just gave up and would smile and nod. He finally purchased expensive hearing aids, but they didn’t help – they only amplified the background noise and created excess brain stimulation. Once I decided to do this, I remembered my Grandfather and how hearing loss affected him and just knew I was meant to do this. Yes, this is my passion and I know I am doing exactly what I have been purposed to do. I want to help as many people protect the only hearing they will ever have.”

Ampd Up is located in Arizona, but you do not have to travel there to obtain your own pair of ear plugs. Rebecca travels all over the country making on the spot custom ear plugs. Whether she is hosted in at an event, or doing a demonstration at a show, Rebecca is ready and willing to go wherever she is needed. Additionally, her hearing protection can also be created long distance, with the finished product shipped to the client. 

Ampd Up offers a variety of custom molded ear plugs including an electronic option. To learn more about the products Ampd Up has to offer and how you can obtain your very own pair, please visit

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