Sootch Review: The NEW Anderson Mfg KIGER-9C Handgun

Anderson Manufacturing, best known for their AR rifles, have unveiled their first handgun: the KIGER-9C.

The KIGER-9C is a Polymer Frame Striker-Fired pistol compatible with Glock Gen 3 parts and takes Glock magazines but has a lot of upgrades to the slide and frame. 

KIGER-9C from Anderson Mfg Sootch Handgun Review on GetZone


Anderson doesn’t cut corners. Inexpensive Glock 19 variants hit their aggressive price point by either de-featuring the design or by using less expensive materials during the manufacturing process. Anderson does neither of these.

A new take on the classic, the Anderson KIGER-9C features a 416 stainless steel barrel and slide with a DLC coating. This corrosion-resistant, 416 steel chemistry has a respected and proven track record in the firearms industry; it’s strong, heat-resistant, and durable.

Incorporating the Gen 5 existing geometry, the Kiger polygonal-styled barrel offers shooters improved muzzle velocity, performance, and increased accuracy at a greater distance.

Anderson engineers saw an opportunity in the legacy frame design. After extensive testing, the group verified that locking blocks molded into the frame at the front and rear effectively replace the existing roll-pin design, adding structural strength and reducing the frame twist upon firing.

Ergonomic and stylistic upgrades modernize the look and feel of the classic Glock. Key touchpoints on the pistol are highlighted with tactile indicators allowing the user to instinctively handle the firearm in low-light or high-stress situations.


CALIBER: 9mm Luger
CAPACITY: (1) Magpul GL9 15-round magazine included
WIDTH: 1.26”

Anderson Mfg KIGER-9C handgun review Sootch on GetZone


Exceptional Value—The KIGER-9C is based on a classic, however, the Kiger comes with lots of performance and style upgrades.

Accuracy—The frame rails are over-molded to enhance the frame’s rigidity under load. The enhanced frame, combined with the generation 5 barrel geometry and the crowned barrel, provides the shooter with improved muzzle velocity and accuracy.

Durability—The KIGER-9C comes with the slide and barrel manufactured from 416R stainless steel. The steel chemistry combined with the DLC coating ensures a firearm that is strong, heat resistant, and durable.

Style—Aggressive grip texturing for a confident grip in any condition. User can further customize their KIGER-9C with available aftermarket accessories.

Check out Sootch’s review of the KIGER-9C handgun from Anderson Manufacturing and so much more on our Sootch channel now!

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