Anti-hunters send death threats after woman shares video to Facebook



Sometimes unknown stars align to create moments in life that seem surreal and leave you speechless… This is one of them. I can’t put into words how happy, humbled, and in complete awe I am. This 184″ Iowa 5.5 year old we named “Superstar” put on the ultimate show and @scott.rupert NAILED the footage! He gave me a 25 yard shot with my @psebows Premonition HD and a short 73 yard track job after the @ragebroadheads SS went straight though his heart. We’ve had consistent @reconyx_inc pictures of him since he was 2.5 but for it all to come together is truly an unforgettable feeling and moment I can’t stop replaying in my head. Thank you Dad, @waderobinson, and @scott.rupert for all of your hard work that lead me to one of the best moments of my life and biggest buck with a bow! I still can’t believe this happened but dang, I am SO grateful and proud to be a hunter. 100% Wild 100% Fair Chase! #DOD #THIRTEEN #Phase3 #TeamPSE #MossyOakForLife #ItsInMyNature #WhatGetsYouOutdoors

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Taylor Drury of Drury Outdoors was thrilled to share a pictures and a video after she harvested a giant buck. In a Facebook post Mark from Drury Outdoors wrote

BOONER ALERT: Taylor killed a 5.5 year old 184″ Iowa giant – Her biggest buck with a bow and the buck of a lifetime!! “Superstar” read the script and gave her a 25 yard shot with her PSE Archery Premonition PSE. She’s shooting 43 pounds and the Rage SS hit home going straight through the heart… INCREDIBLE way to kick off Phase 3! So proud of the hunter she has become. Can’t wait for everyone to see the footage Scott Rupert laid down on Season 4 of THIRTEEN because it’s a 20/20!!

Unfortunately, her Instagram account and Facebook post were quickly filled with death threats and cruel comments from anti-hunters calling her a “coward” and asking her to “please die.” Drury Outdoors deleted the original post before sharing it again a few days later. The tide changed and dozens of people who had learned of the negative comments came out to support Taylor. Instagram user tabsyo wrote

“Thank you for being an amazing role model to girls like myself!”

User Cameronlacy10 encouraged Taylor to ignore the hateful words saying,

“I just heard about all of the negative comments and death threats that you’ve been getting on @druryoutdoors Facebook page don’t listen to what anyone says and never apologize for being a hunter people are dumb they don’t realize the work that you got put into growing food plots so you can have a healthy deer herd nice buck keep up the hard work!!!”

Coy_scott 184 summed things up nicely with his comment,

“Wow congratulations all the anti’s haven’t a clue on what’s good for the animals if it weren’t for hunters management natural management would kick in in ways like disease an sickness it’s not a pretty sight not to mention the big percentage of money raised by hunters for conservation keep up what your doing never apologize.”

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