Anti-Hunting Gone too Far: Death Threats against Olivia Nalos Opre

Lifelong Hunter And Conservationist Deals with Death Threats And Harassment

Olivia Nalos Opre is a wife, mom, hunter and passionate wildlife conservationist. Olivia has dedicated most of her life to protecting and preserving habitat, animals, and communities around the globe that benefit from the money brought in from hunters.

Olivia Nalos Opre

The Hate Campaign and Bounty

The hate campaign and bounty on her head from anti-hunting groups is something she has grown to live with but she won’t be discouraged from her mission to preserve hunting rights for future generations.

The U.K. Sun interviewed her, and to our surprise as well as hers, actually followed the ethics of true journalism and revealed her passion for preserving our worlds’ great wildlife. Check it out the article by The U.K. Sun here.

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