Antique weapons cache discovered, what they do with them breaks the heart

An unbelievable WWII era weapons cache was discovered buried in airtight containers somewhere in Latvia. They are believed to be buried by Nazi forces around 1944. As the tide of the war turned, the Nazi’s developed a contingency plan for resistance fighters who would remain behind enemy lines should the German front fall. These resistance fighters would be tasked with sabotaging allied equipment and fortifications and would be given maps to find hidden caches filled with sabotage supplies. These rusty cylinders were filled with explosives, munitions, and a Model 1892 Lebel revolvers in fantastic condition. Clearly the antique explosives needed to be disposed of, but what happens to the revolvers is simply heartbreaking. Possibly as a result of Europe’s strict gun laws, these beautiful revolvers had holes drilled into their barrels before they could be preserved in a museum or auctioned to collectors.

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