Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Kit – Karen Hunter Review

Apex Tactical has just released their all-new Action Enhancement Kit for the CZ P-10 series pistols. This kit features the Apex action enhancement trigger paired with an Apex performance disconnector and an Apex slide cover plate. This new enhancement kit is a total game changer for the already incredible CZ P-10 pistol series. This trigger package is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger, disconnector, and slide cover plate. What makes this package unique is that it offers the end user two distinctly different trigger pull options.

Installing the Apex performance disconnector, trigger, and slide cover plate will yield a trigger pull of sub-4 lbs. Choosing to keep the CZ factory disconnector and installing the Apex trigger with the slide cover plate will result in a trigger pull of approximately 5.5 lbs. Beyond the weight, each trigger pull option also offers a different “feel”. With the Apex performance disconnector, you will notice a light, smooth take-up and linear, rolling trigger break at the striker release with reduced overtravel. Maintaining the CZ factory disconnector offers a more defined trigger break at the striker release with a heavier pull. In addition to the Action Enhancement Kit, Apex has also released an enhanced slide release and an extended magazine release.

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I received all three products from Apex Tactical to install on the CZ P-10 C. Admittedly, I am not a gunsmith, but installation was easy following the detailed instructional videos Apex provides on their YouTube channel. The instructional videos are laid out in a step-by-step fashion making it easy to pause where needed. Following these videos with the proper tools and work area, you do not have to be a gunsmith to install these new components.

I chose to utilize the Apex Performance disconnector to achieve the lighter trigger pull of sub-4 pounds. It’s important to note here that you must incorporate the Apex slide cover plate or you will not get the proper end result. The Apex slide cover plate is an engineered part to work in conjunction with the enhancement trigger and performance disconnector – not simply decorative aluminum like most aftermarket slide cover plates.

The result was nothing short of impressive. I noticed an immediate difference in the trigger just by dry firing the gun, and live fire on the range was incredible. The end result in trigger pull was well under 4 lbs. while offering a light and smooth rolling break. I ran through a series of static drills maintaining consistent and tight groupings, even with faster follow-up shots. The enhanced slide release and extended magazine release were also welcomed additions offering easier manipulation of the gun with better ergonomics.

Performance is important, but safety is crucial. Apex Tactical has put this trigger through rigorous testing prior to its release. Drop testing is a routine part of the product development process at Apex. They repeatedly drop tested this new trigger from 6 feet onto concrete. These drops are done in 27 different orientations, and under high-speed camera which allows them to review exactly what is happening to the trigger and pistol on impact and during its rebound. Additionally, they conduct drops not just at room temperature but also at adverse temperatures. One battery is done at -10º to 20º Fahrenheit, while another is done at 120º to 150º Fahrenheit. Video of these drop tests can be seen in the accompanying video.

The enhancement trigger comes in red or black with an MSRP of $104.95. This can be utilized with the CZ P-10 C, S and F 9mm models. It is not compatible with the CZ P-10 in .45 ACP, or the CZ P-10 micro. If you own a compatible pistol from the CZ P-10 series, I highly suggest trying out these enhancement products to take your shooting abilities to the next level. To learn more about each product, please visit www.apextactical.com

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