AR-15 HM Defense Hunter M5L Rifle Sootch00 Review

There are a lot of AR-15s on the market, and honestly most of them have some quality parts, sometimes they have upgrades that can really bring the price up or you can get them very reasonable. Today we’re going to take a look though at something very unique. I’ve reviewed one of these before with the HM Defense. I call this my bomb proof AR-15. In fact, on the Sensible Prepper channel, I said that this is my SHTF bomb proof AR. Guys, there are some features on this rifle. They keep it milspec as far as the way it functions, and you can use all the different parts. But a couple of the weak links that are in your AR-15 gas impingement system are fixed with the HM Defense. It’s pretty impressive, so we’re gonna take a look at their monoblock system with their gas port and also with their bolt carrier group. There are some things here that are honestly ingenious. Then with the Hunter M5L, this is one of their limited edition camo patterns, and they do a lot of others, but they also do your standard black rifles. Now new YouTube firearm policy state that you can’t use a magazine that’s 30 rounds, so we used the 20 round mags and we also use a round blocker to make this a 20 round magazine. We want to thank HM Defense for sending the Hunter M5L for this review.

The HM Defense Hunter M5L is a special edition version from HM Defense Technologies, but they also make your standard black rifles as well. This is in 556, but they do make a 308 and they have other options that are coming. Now this rifle with the camouflage pattern looks really unique, but it’s the internals that make a huge difference with this rifle. At this point right now, a lot of the AR-15s out there, we’ve done reviews on them, and there’s just not a lot of difference. But with the HM Defense, I call this a bomb proof AR.

When it comes to the range, it shoots like an AR-15. It’s got all the same controls, everything’s the same, the big difference is the internals. With that monoblock system with your gas port, it’s locked in, it’s not going anywhere, it’s not going to turn, it’s not going to get off kilter. I mean, it is solid. Again, it’s milled into the barrel. It’s just one of those things that’s a little more expensive to do, but if you’re counting on a rifle like this, for an SHTF situation or just a home defense rifle, it’s really comforting to know that if you pick the rifle up, that it’s in line. Also with the bolt carrier group, it’s just solid. And again, it’s the same configuration as your standard bolt carrier group—just upgraded. When firing it, I know it’s gonna go off every time, I know it’s gonna stay together no matter how many rounds I put through it. Of course, keeping it clean is important. But the balance just like an AR-15 I mean, we shot about 500 rounds through it, just testing it again, thanks to Fiocchi, but we were able just to not only to shoot it with the iron sights, but we also want to put a scope on it and of course accuracy is very important.

If you’re in the market for an AR-15, especially one that you really are going to count on, there’s not a better option out there than the HM Defense Hunter M5L. I mean, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the premium companies, and yet it’s got upgrades that go far beyond. Again, we appreciate HM Defense for sending the Hunter M5L.

We appreciate HM Defense for their help. Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!

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