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Recently we did a review on the Arex Delta. You know there’s a lot of firearms coming into the country, and a lot of choices, and again I call this the golden age of firearms because there are just so many different options out there to fit anyone. But, because there’s so many sometimes, I’m not always that excited about a new handgun. I mean it’s a polymer frame striker fired pistol, shoots well – great. But one of the things about the Arex Delta is that it shoots really flat. And two, it’s really thin. Those were the top two things that I took away from this handgun and it really impressed me. Honestly, at this point, it’s hard to seriously impress me.

Arex Defense have introduced their Gen 2 and today we are looking at the M model. It’s the compact version, same as the original that we did a review on. There are some other versions of this including the L – which is more of a full size gun – but the M is optics ready. And again, it shoots flat and it’s super thin – but the grip has been changed. And to me, it has drastically improved.

The Arex Defense has been around for over 25 years and this is not just some clone, it’s just not a budget type firearm. Now Nate over GunZoneDeals sent the Arex Delta M and the original Arex Delta and he has been really excited about this firearm. After having a lot of experience with it, I understand why.

There’s a number of different features that the Arex Delta Gen 2 brings to the table. Of course, obviously we have our optics ready, and that’s a big one. It seems like that’s really the direction that most of your self defense pistols are going and there’s a number of different ones that are offered out there. So, what is it about the AREX,that’s any different? What is it that brings this to market that would be appealing for those who are looking for a concealed carry or for just a regular self defense pistol?

It is 15 + 1 and it also comes with a 17 round magazine, with a little bit more of an extended faceplate. But it’s a compact pistol already, so it just gives you a little extra, especially if you have really large hands.

Now the Arex Delta is made in Slovenia and it’s imported by Global Ordnance. The M is the compact version and they do make a model L in the Gen 2. I’m sure that the S or subcompact is in the works.

We reviewed the original Delta Gen 1 back in October 2020. It had been out for a little while and it is a little bit different. The grip has some angular shapes to it, but I knew that Arex Defense was really an excellent company because they’ve been around for a long time and they do make military firearms. But honestly as far as shooting this gun, I found that it was super flat shooting, and it’s super thin. There’s some real benefits to that if you’re going to carry something and you want that extra capacity of 15 in one. But as you see with the new Gen 2, one of the big things is the grip has been completely changed. To me it’s much more appealing. It feels better in your hand, and it just has that laser kind of texturing on here that gives it almost that skateboard feel without the abrasion that you’re going to get snagging clothes. It’s very grippable, but it’s not going to be uncomfortable. I really liked the improvements of the grip and that was a big plus for me so I’m really glad that they bumped it up.

One other thing to note that they’ve done is they have added three slots for the Picatinny rail. On the Gen 1, there is just one. Having three slots is just going to give you more options with different lights and lasers. The slide itself is pretty much the same as the original, except obviously with the slide cuts for your RMR, and they do offer a number of plates, other than just the RMR footprint. You can check that out on the Arex Defense website.

Now again, this is a very thin firearm. That’s probably one of the biggest things that I love about this gun is it’s 15 + 1, and yet, it’s just really thin.

Now having already taken the Arex Delta Gen 1 down to the range, I kind of knew what to expect with the Gen 2. Of course, we were looking forward to getting the optics ready version. I mean it really just makes it so quick to get on target and it does help to make it more accurate. You’re able to hit just the red dot instead of looking down at your sights, so I really like that feature. Aside from that, I really like the new grip. It definitely feels more comfortable in your hand as there’s no angles, there’s no sharp edges, and you just have a very smooth feel to it with that laser engraved texturing.

Taking it down to the range, we had no malfunctions and just really enjoyed shooting it. I highly recommend you getting one of these out to the range at least to test it out, because it is a sweet shooting firearm.

Big thanks to Gun Zone Deals and Fiocchi for sponsoring the ammo.

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  • Length: 7.1″
  • Height: 4.7″
  • Width: 1.18″
  • Barrel Length: 4.0″
  • Weight without Mag: 19.1 oz
  • Weight with Mag: 21.6 oz
  • OR Weight without Mag: 18.0 oz
  • OR Weight with Mag: 20.6 oz
arex delta

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