The Argentine 1911 Colt Sistema Model 1927

Argentina began producing arms in the 19th century and since then, have strived to become independent so they could manufacture their own munitions. The Colt Sistema Model 1927 in 45 ACP was a licensed 1911 that was produced in Argentina until 1966 for the Military. This firearm an exact copy of the 1911A1 with complete parts compatibility.


WEIGHT: 39 oz
Overall Length: 8.62in
Barrel Length: 5in
Magazine Capacity: 7 Rounds
Mechanism Type: Recoil Operated Semi-Auto
Caliber: 11.25mm/.45
Sights: Blade front, V notch rear drift, windage adjustable
Rifling: 4 grooves, .165in wide, .005in deep, Right twist, one turn in 9.84in


The Argentine 1911 Colt Sistema Model 1927 is a very solid choice for a firearm. The 1911 model fits snug when held by the shooter. This gun welcomes you with open arms when you are shooting it, the fact that its so comfortable when held only adds to the smoothness of firing it. The fact that this firearm is available in 11.25mm or .45 makes it the perfect self defense firearm, if you are a fan of the 1911 this weapon should definitely draw your attention.

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