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At the Ranch: Bowhunting Tip – Mechanical Vs. Fixed Blade Broadheads

August 16, 2020

Mechanical VS. Fixed Blade Broadheads

There are two different types of broadheads out there when it comes to bowhunting. Mechanical and Fixed blade broadheads. Both have their pros and cons, and today were going to cover them both. When it comes to Mechanical heads, they fly more like a field point and the blades expand upon impact.

A big pro for Mechanical broadheads is they have large cutting diameters. If you make a marginal shot, you’ve got a better chance of clipping a lung, artery, etc. When it comes to a fixed blade head, they have smaller cutting diameters, but penetrate better. A few other things to be thinking about is you will have to sight in your fixed blade broadheads separately. When shooting a mechanical head, they fly much more like field points and you shouldn’t have to sight them in separately. Also, though we already touched on the cutting diameter, by having a larger cutting diameter, mechanical heads typically leave a bigger hole and give you a better blood trail. On the flip side, if you hit bone or the shoulder, by having a fixed blade, you’re more likely to still get good penetration. At the end of the day, you need to figure out what you’re most comfortable with and what works for you.


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