At the Ranch: Bowhunting Tip – How Much Weight Should You Pull Back

How Much Weight Should You Be Pulling Back with Your Bow?

There can be a lot of misconceptions when it comes to knowing how much weight you should be pulling back with your bow or how much weight it takes to kill a deer. First of all, it’s very important you’re able to adequately handle the amount of weight you have your bow set at.

If you’re practicing and you start getting tired after just shooting a couple arrows, you’re pulling back too much weight. You can kill a deer just fine only pulling back even 45lbs, so you don’t have to worry about pulling back 70 or 80lbs. What is important though is that limbs perform best when maxed out. Therefore, if you only want to pull back 50 to 60lbs, don’t buy a 70lb limb bow and have it set at 60. Get a bow where the limbs are maxed at 60lbs.

There are plenty of women and youth model bows out there as well that are very adjustable. It definitely varies for everyone on how much weight to pull back, but I strongly recommend having a bow where you can max out the limbs without pulling too much weight.

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