At the Ranch: CZ Turkey Reaper Shotgun Unboxing

May 26, 2020

In this video, Alex Comstock of is unboxing a special package from CZ. Watch Alex open and go over some first impressions from the CZ turkey reaper 12 gauge. Alex even puts the gun to use, while successfully shooting a turkey with it. This shotgun is a heck of a gun and if you’re looking for a new shotgun for turkey hunting, you’ll certainly want to give this one a look.

Some highlights from the CZ turkey reaper include the over/under barrel setup. With multiple choke options, this gives you the ability to set up the gun for a closer and further shot. The dual safety option gives you the option on which barrel to fire first. I was surprised at how light the gun was, and that’s an added bonus, especially for those of you that do a lot of running and gunning and moving around a good bit. To see the gun coming out of the box, getting setup and put to use in the field, be sure to give this a video a watch!

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