At the Ranch: Early vs Late Spring Turkey Hunt

April 15, 2020

There are some major differences between hunting turkeys early in the spring vs late spring. When hunting early in the spring, turkeys are typically flocked up in large groups. This can create some unique hunting opportunities, but it can create some challenges as well. When turkeys are in large groups, you can see a lot of them during a hunt, and if you’re in their natural travel path, you can have some really good hunts. What’s especially challenging though, is that Toms are much less likely to break out from the group, and it can be a lot harder to get them to come check out your decoy setups. As you transition into April and May, turkeys are breaking out of their large groups. Once they break up, Toms will then be searching for hens to mate. This is the time of year when Toms are much more likely to come into your decoy setups. They’ll be much more susceptible to being called at and you’ll have better luck drawing them in to you.

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