At the Ranch – Hog: Thermal Hog Hunting

Today we’re going to talk about another variant of hog hunting and that is thermal hog hunting at night. Feral hogs like to move a lot at nighttime, which makes them a little bit easier to find if you have the right gear. Night hog hunting can range from anything as basic as using artificial lighting like a spotlight, including motion sensor lights that can go on a feeder and alert you if it senses motion. Once it lights up, then you can use your traditional firearms. Or, you can work your way all the way up to getting some of the more cool, tactical gear that’s on the market. Thermal nightvision like this particular rifle, a 6.8 SPC AR platform with a thermal optic on there, that’s going to sense heat. If you know of a field or something like that where there’s going to be hogs that may have been causing some destruction on crops, you can go out and maybe use a tripod system and find those hogs in your optic. There are a lot of variants to night hog hunting and there’s a lot in between that I haven’t touched on, but it is a great way to get out there, put a new spin on a fun style of hunting and get in the field to get some hogs.

thermal hog hunting

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