At the Ranch – Hog: Hog Trapping

Today in another episode of At the Ranch, we’re going to talk about feral hog trapping. Hog trapping can be a very fun and profitable way to go about controlling a feral hog population. Depending on what the markets are, you can actually make a little bit of money trapping hogs, but it is also a quick and effective way if you’re having issues with them as a nuisance animal. For instance, if they’re messing up your deer feeders or other things like that. There are a lot of different ways you can go about trapping feral hogs, and the traps can be purchased or they can be built. Traps can be built just like a rectangular kind of cube style out of panels that include a simple mechanism that has a lever on pulleys. When the hog walks across the rope, it trips the door and is trapped. They also have begun to make some advanced corral style systems that are built out of panels and the gate is actually controlled by your phone. It’s a pretty neat way to go about it because it works through your cell service, and it’ll actually send images or even video from a camera and you can wait until all of the hogs are in the trap and remotely deploy the door. To sum it up, there are a lot of ways you can go about trapping hogs and it can be incredibly effective in terms of controlling the feral hogs in your area or on your land.

hog trapping

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