At the Ranch: How to Locate Turkeys

April 21, 2020

At the Ranch: How to Locate Turkeys

Being able to locate turkeys is obviously a big part of turkey hunting. If you’re new to turkey hunting or just hunting new spots, the first step is identifying where turkeys are spending time. There are a couple really good ways to locate turkeys and give you a start on where to hunt. The first way is through crow calling and owl hooting. Turkeys roost by sleeping in trees at night and in the wee hours of the morning right before it starts to get light out, if you crow call or howl hoot, and Toms or Jakes hear it, that will elicit a “shock” gobble. Turkeys gobble at that those noises, and that can let you know where they are roosting. Another way to locate them is through aggressive calling and simple calling. Anytime you call to Turkeys, you are hoping for a gobble in response. Once you get a Tom to gobble, you know his current location and it’s the first step to getting in position to hunt them.

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