At the Ranch: How to Set Up Decoys for Turkey Hunting

April 22, 2020

The first thing to think about when setting up decoys for turkey hunting, is to have them close to your setup. For bowhunting, I typically will set them up about 10 yards from the blind or setup and for shotgun hunting, it will usually be around 15 yards away from my setup. The next important thing to note is to make sure your decoys look natural. Make sure they’re staked in the ground solid and aren’t leaning over or anything along that nature. Also, having a variety of decoys for turkey hunting will surely help your setup. I normally like to run a couple hen decoys along with a Tom decoy. If a Tom sees your setup from afar and it looks like a Tom could be with a hen or two, he may want to come into your setup to challenge the decoy Tom, therefore hopefully presenting you with a shot opportunity.

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decoys for turkey hunting

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