At the Ranch: Map Scouting for Turkey Hunt

As I’m getting ready for my turkey hunt down in Nebraska at the end of March, one of the important things I’m doing ahead of time is map scouting online. When it comes to map scouting, you definitely want to make sure you have the tools to help you as much as possible. I like to use onX Maps to scout for my turkey hunt, which gives me the property boundaries for all public and private land. I’m easily able to identify these parcels, which helps me determine where I can hunt. Once you’ve figured that out, identify big chunks of public land, especially if you don’t have permission on any private land. Next, an important part is identifying access trails. If you can identify where these are, it’ll help you in determining where it’s likely other hunters will be, and then you can look at getting away from other hunters.

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A feature you want to be looking for when map scouting for your turkey hunt, is small and secluded openings in the timber. Small openings such as fields or clear cuts can be great areas because these are types of spots turkeys like to strut around in the late morning. It can be a great spot to setup with a blind and decoys. Another spot on the map you want to focus on are high areas, where you can get up and listen for turkeys in the morning. Early in the morning turkeys are gobbling, and if you can get to a spot where you can hear them gobble, it can give you a good starting point for your turkey hunt. Lastly, another feature on the map that can be important is any form of water source. Turkeys need water and creeks can be great spots to key in on.

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