At The Ranch: Planning An Out of State Hunt in The Summer

July 26, 2020

Thinking about heading planning an out of state hunt?

One of the best times to be planning an out of state hunt is right now during the summer. There’s a lot that goes into planning an out of state hunt and if you wait until right before a trip to make plans, you’ll be wishing you started earlier. By starting in the summer, you’ll have plenty of time to get your ducks in a row. One of the most important things to figure out is where you’re going to stay during an out of state hunt. Are you able to camp, do you need to get a hotel or some type of cabin? Price these out, because it can make a big difference on the rest of your budget. Another thing is that by planning now, you have time to scout via online maps. By getting familiar with a property online, you won’t necessarily be starting from square one when you get boots on the ground. Lastly, by planning now, you can get a better handle of exactly where to go. Lots of times, you might have a list of places to go, and by planning now you can check tag prices, which states are over the counter and overall will just be more ready to make it happen come fall.

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