At the Ranch: Shot Placement for Turkeys

April 23, 2020

At the Ranch: Shot Placement for Turkeys

It’s very important to know the most effective shot placement for turkeys, especially for bowhunting, because a turkey’s vitals are very small. When bowhunting, there are three main spots to shoot. The first would be where the wing butt connects to the body. The second spot is a head shot. If you’re going to attempt a head shot on a turkey while bowhunting, there are two main ways to go about it. The first is by using a guillotine broadhead. These are very large and are designed specifically to shoot turkeys in the head. If you are going to be using a standard broadhead, the best spot to aim for a headshot is at the base of the neck when the turkey is facing you. The last good bowhunting shot is right through the anus when a Turkey is facing away from you strutting. What about shot placement for turkeys with a shotgun? When it comes to shotgun hunting, you don’t want to get bb’s in the meat, so the most common (and lethal) shot with a shotgun is a headshot.

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