At the Ranch: Simple Turkey Calling Techniques

At the Ranch: Simple Turkey Calling Techniques

When it comes to turkey hunting, a very popular way to go about it is through calling. In this video, we’re going to cover the two most common turkey calling techniques. The first is through using a slate call.

Slate Call – A slate call is a round slate with a striker. You hold the slate in one hand and the striker in the other. Hold the striker like a pencil and while applying pressure on the slate, move it in small circles. This will be imitating a hen, and you can create different pitches while doing so. This is typically louder than the next call we’ll be covering, but the biggest downside of this call is that it takes two hands to execute. Therefore, it’s not a great option if you have turkeys that are within eyesight or if you need to be using both of your hands on your weapon. This leads us into the next most common type of call, a mouth call.

Mouth Call – A mouth call is great if you need to be hands free. It’s a small diaphragm that you put on the roof of your mouth. You use your abdomen to release the trapped air in the diaphragm. This is again imitating a hen, hoping to draw a Tom in. The biggest challenge with this type of call is it can be much harder to learn how to use it properly and you may need to practice with it before going into the field.

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