At the Ranch: Simple Turkey Hunting Setups

When it comes to hunting turkeys, there are a couple different hunting setups you can go with. The first is through utilizing a ground blind. Ground blinds are popular for many different reasons. You can pop them up almost anywhere, as turkeys aren’t usually affected by them being out in the open. They also conceal a lot of movement, and this is why they are so often used when bowhunting. Another great way to hunt turkeys is through running and gunning. This type of hunting is right in the name. You’re typically hunting on the move with no blind and using shotguns. You can utilize the techniques for locating turkeys and calling turkeys and get setup by sitting against big trees that help conceal your movement. You can still use decoys while hunting like this. But, you can also go about it with no decoys. If you choose to go with turkey hunting setups with no decoys, you’ll want to get in between where Turkeys are and where you think they’re heading. The biggest challenge hunting this way, is it will much harder to draw a Tom into your setup, so you’ll want to be as close to where you think the Tom will travel through naturally as possible.

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