At the Ranch: Summer Archery Practice for Deer Hunting

Too often I hear bowhunters talking about how they only shoot their bow a couple times per year. If you are going to hunt whitetail deer with archery equipment, I find this to be unacceptable. I find it very important to be shooting your bow all year round, but even more so important to be practicing during the summer months. The biggest reason I find it important to be shooting your bow in the summer is it creates muscle memory and shooting becomes second nature. There’s a lot that goes into shooting a bow, such as your draw cycle, your anchor point, etc. and if that’s not second nature by the time your attempting to shoot a deer, you could run into issues. Another thing to be thinking about when it comes to summer archery practice is to put yourself in realistic situations such as shooting from an elevated position, unknown yardages and in low light situations. When fall arrives, you want to be dialed in with your archery game.

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