At the Ranch: Summer Scouting For Deer

June 28, 2020

When it comes to summer scouting and things you can be doing during the summer to help you during the fall, there’s a few major things that come to mind. The first is using trail cameras. Trail cameras can be a powerful tool and can help you tremendously. They can be placed in many different locations and your cameras can be collecting data for you in multiple spots at once. Another summer scouting tip is to utilize observing areas from a distance, otherwise known as “glassing.” I recommend sitting on the edge of bean fields, or any other type of food source you can get eyes on from a distance. Watching where deer enter these fields can help you in figuring out where to hunt, especially early in the year. Other things you want to be getting done would be hanging treestands, cutting shooting lanes and looking for new hunting property. Through doing all of these things in the summer, you’ll be setting yourself up for success come fall.

summer scouting

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