At The Ranch: Summer Scouting Tools

Summer Scouting Tools – Pre-Season Hunting Tips

During the summer months, I love finding new hunting property. Whether this is via permission, buying land or just finding more public land, summer is a great time to do this. When you do find new land though, it’s important to do some form of a quick scout to know exactly what you’re dealing with and having the right tools can help you.

One of my favorite summer scouting tools for a quick scout on new property is binoculars. You never know when you’ll need them, and they can save you from a lot of extra walking. Another one is maps. I try to mark as much stuff on my digital maps to help assist me with the quick scout. Lastly bringing a camera or taking photos on your phone can be a big tool. Especially if you get permission on a property in the summer, by the time fall rolls around, the woods will look vastly different. I like to take pictures of a property as the seasons change, and that way when the following summer rolls around, you’ll be able to envision what areas will look like in the fall much better.

summer scouting tools

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