At The Ranch: Using Trail Cameras In The Summer

Benefits of using trail cameras in the summer – Pre-Season Hunting Tips

Trail cameras are a valuable tool in the summer. When it comes to using them in the summertime, they can be used to establish an inventory. Essentially, they can be used to help you figure out what’s around. Not only can they help you determine what bucks are in the area, but what the general deer herd looks like. They also can serve as a general starting point on how to attack a property. If you’re getting a ton of deer on camera, that’s great, but if you’re not you can move it around to help determine where deer are spending time.

Lastly, if you hunt a state that opens in early September or even August, you can use your summer data to help you hunting early, because odds are bucks will still be in their summer pattern. Overall, trail cams can help you immensely in the summer.

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