At the Ranch – Turkey: Benefits Of Turkey Scouting

In this video, we’re gonna talk about the benefits of turkey scouting. If you’re used to going turkey hunting blind, and no scouting done prior, you’re going to be setting yourself back a little bit. By scouting, you’re going to get yourself ahead of the game and have some ideas of where you can actually be hunting. I’d recommend going to go check out properties about a week at least or even a couple weeks before you’re actually going to hunt, do some calling, and try to do some scouting in the mornings. You can get in there, even when it’s still dark and try to get birds roosted and figure out where the roosting and then do some owl hooting trying to figure out where birds are gobbling. If they’re up on the limb gobbling before they actually pitch down in the morning, that can really help you key in on where they’re actually roosting and where are you going to be hunting them.

Some other things we’re looking for when turkey scouting, we’re just looking for turkey tracks, turkey poop—you really want to look for fresh signs. That way when you go into a hunt, you already have an idea of where to be and you’re already ahead of the game essentially.

I have found in the past that turkey scouting really helps me. It’s something that’s not as done as much as something like deer scouting. This year especially we did a bunch of scouting earlier this spring and it helped us figure out where to be and when to be there, and it helps us have some good hunts. So this is why I think you should be turkey scouting and hopefully this will help you in your turkey hunting efforts.

turkey scouting

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