Gobbling Muted? How To Hunt Turkeys That Aren’t Being Vocal!

When it comes to hunting, I love turkey hunting the most because it’s very vocal. Birds are gobbling and you’re going where the turkeys are gobbling. I love the vocalness of it. You can just literally be walking and calling. However, a lot of people don’t know what to do when birds aren’t being vocal for whatever reason or how to actually hunt them.

Sometimes on a hunt, birds may not be very vocal, which is a prime case today on the hunt here in Minnesota where the birds are really not gobbling today. They were earlier this morning, but they’ve just gone silent. If birds are being vocal, the key is to find areas where you know turkeys frequent often and this can be by scouting and finding some areas of scratching where they’re scratching at the leaves and picking out food or it could be common fields that you see them in often. Really, it can be you know any area that you know a turkey or that you know toms are somewhat frequenting. You need to set up, you need to call, and you need to be patient. Just because they’re not gobbling, doesn’t mean they’re not coming into your calling.

We’ve had numerous birds this spring already where we have done plenty of calling and all of sudden, bam, there is a tom at 70 yards and they didn’t gobble once. A lot of times people will set up in spots, they will call, they won’t hear anything, they’ll get up and go, and as they get up and go they’ll bust a bird as they’re walking out or they’ll see something else that was coming in. It’s just about patience. It really is the number one thing that I can stress here when birds aren’t gobbling.

You want to also be mobile. So what we’ll do oftentimes when birds aren’t gobbling like today, we’ll set up in a spot we know birds frequent, we’ll call and we’ll sit there for an hour. If nothing shows up we might move 100 yards and do the same thing, or we’ll pick spots and sit there for a few hours if we know we see the birds there all the time.

So those are a couple of things to be thinking about. The biggest thing that I can stress is patience. Just because a bird isn’t gobbling doesn’t mean he’s not coming into you. You can still hunt them by scouting and running trail cameras, all that good stuff. If you can be in an area where you know toms frequently, you can still be in the game.


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