At the Ranch – Turkey: How To Utilize Different Decoy Setups

There are a lot of different decoy setups you can put to use when it comes to turkey hunting. One of my favorites is a Jake decoy over a lay down hen. This particular setup can entice a tom to come try and kick out the Jake so they can breed that hen. This setup is a go-to mid to late season. When it comes to early season, you may want to use a strutting tom decoy to help catch the attention of grouped up turkeys. Early in the season turkeys are usually grouped up and it can be harder to pull them away. But having a strutting tom decoy can help with that. Another thing to be thinking about is the style of hunting you’re doing. If for instance, you like to be mobile and run and gun, you may want to stick with a Jake decoy or Jake and hen just because it’s going to be lighter. Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative with your setups. Kaleb has implemented a setup of just a few hens late in the season which has worked for him. It’s all about what you believe can work for your type of hunting.

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