At the Ranch – Turkey: How Turkey Hunting Can Make You A Better Deer Hunter

Today I want to talk about how turkey hunting can make you a better deer hunter. Now, you might wonder how chasing turkeys in the spring can apply to making you a better deer hunter at all, but there are some reasons that I really believe it. The first is that it gives you something to hunt in the spring when you typically wouldn’t be hunting anything. This allows you to hone your skills of moving at the right time, it allows you to figure out just a lot of things like shooting your bow or a gun. You’re out there hunting something and that’s going to really help translate to the fall.

Another thing that I want to touch on is that turkeys have great eyesight. So the more that you can become proficient and knowing when to move, that translates to the fall because deer have great eyesight and you need to know exactly when to move in the tree stand because that movement can really kill you. You don’t want to get busted by a deer or a turkey. That’s just going to really hone those skills and help you in the fall.

Another thing that I want to touch on how turkey hunting can make you a better deer hunter is patience. Patience is a hard thing for a lot of people, but turkey hunting can really test your patience. If you can test that patience and be patient and end up executing, that’s going to help translate to the fall season because obviously deer hunting you have to be patient.

The last thing I’ll touch on is the actual execution. Some people might not believe it, but a big tom strutted up coming in can really get that heart rate going, can really make you nervous, and it can really make you get turkey fever and miss. I just had that in Nebraska where I missed a couple of different times and turkey fever hit me. If you can learn how to control that breathing and how to execute in the moment to pull a shot off, that’s only going to help you for deer hunting because you have to do the exact same thing in the fall. By learning how to execute in the moment when turkey hunting, it’s going to definitely help you execute in the moment deer hunting.

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