At the Ranch: Turkey Hunting Essentials

There are a few main essentials that you’ll need if you’re just taking up turkey hunting. The first and most important is going to be a weapon. Take a look at your state’s regulations to see when the archery season is vs. the gun season. You’ll want to determine which you want to hunt with as some states you can only pick one. The next thing you’ll need is some type of camouflage, especially if you’re not hunting with a blind. Turkeys have great vision and they can pick you off easily, and spook before you ever get a shot. Make sure you’re in camo from head to toe, including a facemask and gloves. Turkeys can make out your skin color, so being sure you’ve got a face mask and gloves on, even if it’s warm out, is essential. If you are hunting in a blind, then you’ll want to wear black, so you blend in with the inside of the blind.

Another turkey hunting essential would be a turkey vest. A turkey vest can make your life a lot easier as they have a lot of dedicated pockets for things such as calls and decoys. This leads us to another essential, which would be calls. Turkey hunting is very vocal, and having calls is a must. Lastly, binoculars I would consider an essential. Many times, you could be in a situation where there is a turkey off in the distant, and it can be hard to tell if it’s a tom or a hen. With binoculars, you can check it out, and make a decision based on what you see.

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