At the Ranch – Turkey: Why You Should Travel To Turkey Hunt

I just got back from a turkey hunting trip. I’m actually turkey hunting now in my home state of Minnesota. So in this video, I want to talk about why you should travel to turkey hunt.

Traveling to turkey hunt can be a lot of fun but can also teach you a lot. If you’ve never traveled to turkey hunt, you only know probably where you live in your local area. By traveling, you can learn more about birds, you can experience other states and you can just have more experience in turkey hunting, which I think is going to be very valuable for you.

If you fill a tag right away and can’t hunt the rest of the year, that’s a great opportunity to travel, learn more, and experience more stuff while turkey hunting. I travel every year down to Nebraska. I’m able to learn a lot and this year, we were out learning constantly as it’s a lot different than Minnesota. In Nebraska where we are hunting it’s big ridges and big-time timber with some small openings. Where I’m hunting here in Minnesota, it’s more just flat timber with a bunch of pastures. The two types of hunting are very different and I get to experience different kinds of hunting. Again, things that I learned in Nebraska can translate to hunting in Minnesota. Even though it’s different, there are still things you can learn.

So a couple of big things that I wanted to reinforce is that you’re going to learn a lot when you’re traveling to go turkey hunting, and one of the biggest things is it gives you more opportunity to experience more things—which in the long run is going to make you a better turkey hunter.

turkey hunting

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