At the Ranch – Whitetail: 5 Summer Scouting Tips

In this video I want to talk about five major summer scouting tips you should be doing. Right now summer is in full swing so I wanted to touch on a few things you should be doing during the summer months when it correlates to scouting and deer to help you get prepared for the fall season.

First thing I want to talk about is long distance scouting. If you live anywhere where you can get eyes on areas from a distance – whether you’re watching beanfields, food plots, open areas, clear cuts where deer can come through – if you can find spots where you can sit down and watch an area with binoculars or a spotting scope, you can learn so much more about a deer than if you were to just grab trail camera information. This adds to your arsenal of scouting and long distance scouting is definitely something I love to do.

Summer scouting tip number two is going to be trail cameras which are another part of the puzzle. I love running trail cameras in the summer because trail cameras help me gather so much information on deer, what they’re doing, and what bucks might be in the area. If you’re not using trail cameras in the summer, I would highly recommend beginning to do so.

And with that, summer scouting tip number three is going to be using minerals. We have created an entire video on minerals and why they’re effective and why you should use them, but in a quick nutshell: I love to run minerals over my trail cameras in the summer. It really helps to pull deer in and helps me establish an inventory, get pictures of deer, grow bucks antlers, and it helps a lot of other things.

Tip number four is to not apply too much pressure while scouting. I like to be doing all these things, but depending on what kind of property you hunt, don’t go into the heart of the property or your best spots all the time because you’re going to start busting deer out. As we get into fall you don’t want the deer to feel pressure, so you want to do the scouting from the outskirts. Of course you have to get into the areas to get your cameras up, but try not to be on your property 24/7 as that is not going to do you much good.

The last and final summer scouting tip that I want to touch on is another thing that we have another video on which is scouting in the summer with the fall in mind. You have to be thinking while you’re out scouting during the summer that it’s going to be so much different come fall. Areas that the deer are using are going to change, how deer use the properties is going to change, and if you can look at a property with the future fall months in mind, you can look at a property with a whole different perspective.

Those are my five summer scouting tips. I hope that helps you and I hope that I help you come this fall.

summer scouting tips

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