At the Ranch – Whitetail: Basic Shed Hunting Tips

March 14, 2021

Watch Alex Comstock explain some of his basic shed hunting tips that have helped him find most of his sheds. First, and most importantly is to locate the local food source. Deer need food in the winter more than any time of year, and if you can find the food, you’ll find deer. Next, try and locate where deer are bedding. They mostly just go back and forth between bedding and food and looking back and forth from bedding and food will put you in a good position to find antlers. A few other basic shed hunting tips include walking slow as the quicker you walk, the less chance you actually have of finding antlers. Also, be sure to scan 15-30 yards from you each direction and not be just looking down where you’re walking. By implementing these basic shed hunting tips, you’ll have a better chance of finding more antlers.

shed hunting tips

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