At the Ranch – Whitetail: Benefits of October Cold Front

An October cold front can be exactly what you need to get a buck on the ground. Cold fronts in October are especially helpful, because a lot of the month can be warm as well and the cold fronts can be drastic. 

During the month of October, one of the most important ways that you can capitalize on hunting bucks––or one of the most important things that you need to key in on––is weather. The weather can affect your movement all throughout the year, but during the rut, if it’s hot the deer are still going to chase, but during October, deer don’t move a lot. Food sources are changing. A lot of times they can just get up out of their bed and have food nearby then go back down and they like to move mostly at night. Something that can really change this, and I kind of touched on this in another video of ours, would be to key in on cold fronts.

An October cold front can be your best friend because it can be some of the only time that you’re gonna have a mature buck on its feet during daylight hours. And this has proven true for me in the past. In 2018 I actually shot one of my biggest bucks turning the October cold front. But essentially what’s happening during the cold front is that it is just getting these deer to get up earlier to go head to their food sources. It kind of kicks them in gear and it can leave them up a little bit later in the morning, so it can actually work well for morning hunt as well. 

If you’ve got a cold front coming, hop in the stand in the morning and you might see some better movement. A couple of things with cold fronts is you may have a switch of the wind, but temperature is something to key in on. If you’re looking at an extended forecast and you want to take a day off to hunt or you need to pick a weekend, always keep an eye on when the temperatures are dropping, and utilize the cold fronts to your benefit.

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